Le 13 janvier 2023 :

Appel à candidature :

Call for tenders for the selection of the agency for the evaluation of results of the multi-European program EUROPEAN EGG GAMES (EUEG)

INPROVO, SNIPO and PPB call for tenders for the selection of the agency that will measure the effectiveness of the EU's multi-country egg promotion program in Spain, France and Hungary between 2023 and 2025.

The European Union has approved the European multi-country agri-food promotion program called "The European Egg Games" (with the acronym EUEG), which will highlight the characteristics of the egg as food and the European production model during the years 2023 to 2025 in Spain, France and Hungary.

INPROVO, as coordinator and, as beneficiaries, the egg sector organizations SNIPO (France) and PPB (Hungary), will develop the European agri-food promotion program in the three countries.

They will contract an external agency to evaluate the results. To this end, they have published on January 13, 2023 a selection process to designate the evaluation agency that will measure the effectiveness of the program and the achievement of the objectives of the EU egg promotion program in the internal market.

The call is open until February 13, 2023.

The bases of the call (available only in English) can be downloaded here :




Le 16 novembre 2021 :

Appel à candidature : processus de sélection d'une agence spécialisé pour l'élaboration et l'exécution d'un programme européen de promotion "multiple" (Espagne, Hongrie, Italie et France) dans le cadre du règlement 1144/2014. Appel à candidature ouvert jusqu'au 16 décembre 2021.